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Idris is a bonds man- a special bonds man. While most of his clients need to bail loved ones out of jail, a few are looking for a reprieve from someone they once knew. For Evalise, all she wanted was to get a bail bond for her boyfriend, when Idris surprised her with a simple but confusing question.

What if you could make him forget all about you?

Evalise's boyfriend has a bit of a wild side... and a bit of a knack for being caught. She arrives at a bail bonds place run by a man named Idris- however, while working out a bail bond, he springs a question about a different kind of bond- a memory bond. With his knife, he's able to sever any ties a person has with someone else, permanently, making the other person completely forget about his client. With one small cut, she'd be able to leave her not-so-great boyfriend behind and move on...

That Which Binds Us is a josei otome visual novel centered around a young woman named Evalise. The full game is set to be a commercial game over 5 hours long and contain a new game+ featuring an alternate story line as well as choices later on that affect dialogue. This game was originally made on RPG Maker MV for the Indie Game Maker Contest game jam in September 2017, but has since been ported to Ren'Py and will be heavily extended.

Details about the demo:

  • About 20-30~ minutes long
  • Genres: otome / romance / josei / modern fantasy / mystery
  • Made in Ren'Py
  • Art, writing, and programming were done by me, Mikomi Kisomi
  • Music pieces were by JadeVater
  • Backgrounds were from Unsplash

Details about the full game:

  • Will be over 5 hours long
  • Will be $8.99
  • Will include a new game+ which includes brand new branching paths, new endings, and the ability to read the love interest's narration
  • Music, CG, and sprite art galleries

IGMC Entry  ♥  Devlog  ♥  Twitter ♥ Press Kit ♥ Discord Server

Feel free to comment below or email me with any comments or concerns!

Update 2/13:

  • The extended demo is now here just in time for Valentine's! It includes several more scenes that better flesh out what the full game will be about and has improved graphics.


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TWBU Extended Demo - Windows and Linux 82 MB
TWBU Extended Demo - MacOS 65 MB

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I finally got around to playing the demo.  It's soooo good!  I really like the intrigue you've put into it so far.  Idris is a really interesting character and I wonder how the storyline will develop from here on out.

Thank you so much!